The assessor community is diverse in terms of roles, experience and qualifications. There is no one type of assessor but instead a breadth of educationalists involved in promoting learner achievement.

We need to be embracing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that different assessors bring to learning and share the culture and wisdom of different methods. Collective participation in Professional Standards, Codes of Conduct and CPD will define the success of our learners.

Education is now less disparate than ever and requires a unified approach to the assessment of learners through collaboration, networking and sharing.


We are:

  • Vocational trainers and tutors
  • Technical/Practical assessors
  • Lecturers in FE and HE
  • End Point Assessors
  • Employers
  • Work based learning providers
  • Teachers
  • Internal quality assurers
  • External quality assurers

We come from:

  • Further Education Institutes (FEIs)
  • Higher Education Institutes (HEIs)
  • Employment
  • Schools and Academies
  • Awarding Organisations (AOs)
  • Private Training Providers (RTPs)
  • End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs)


The Assessors GuildĀ is here to professionalise Assessors and quality assurers by providing support and minimum expectations to drive rigour, quality and consistency in assessment.

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