I am a Management Consultant with over 38 years management experience mainly in the utility/energy sector.  I specialise in management performance,  staff development, assessment, coaching and mentoring.  I am committed to the development of managers and dedicated to supporting and building on existing skills, giving managers the focus and support they need to take them and their company to the next level in professional management.

I became a Fellow of The Guild of Assessors because I believe that if we call ourselves professional and offer our professional education services to clients/ customers we need to act and operate at all times in a professional way.  We need to align ourselves with the Professional Bodies for the areas we say we work in.

As a professional manager I joined the CMI and became a Chartered Fellow and Chartered Manager. I developed my skills “CPD” and became a CMgr assessor and have been a CMgr assessor now for circa 6 years.  I am also a CMI trained End-point assessor.

This brings me back on to The Assessors Guild; as an assessor I recognised the need to align myself with that organisation it represents the assessors.  I wanted to be able to show that as a professional assessor and like CMI I was part of a professional organisation that strived to promote excellence for its members, so I applied and was accepted as a Fellow of The Assessors Guild, FTAG.

As a management consultant the same applies and I am registered as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Consultants

In June 2019 I became the 1st person in Northern Ireland to achieve a CMI L7 Dip in Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring.  Again, as part of my CPD.  I might have had the experience but I felt the need to qualify my skills with a formal qualification.

I am:

– Trained EFQM Assessor

– 6 Sigma Black Belt Trained

– Non-Executive Director in the 3rd sector



– Author NI and UK award winning submissions on employee engagement.

– Learning and Development Manager Electricity Utility Company

– Keynote speaker in Berlin on revenue Protection, recovery and Smart Metering

– BITC annual awards judge 2017

– Vice Chair United Kingdom Revenue Protection Association


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