One of the founding principles of The Assessors Guild is to provide a set of Professional Standards which members adhere to, to safeguard the successful delivery of assessment and ensure the recognition of our members.

These standards for our Registered Practitioner Members and Managing Practitioners provide a framework for quality amongst assessors and can be seen below:

Professional Knowledge

– Maintain and update your knowledge and understanding of relevant assessment techniques to develop evidence-based practice, drawing on research and other evidence

– Maintain and update knowledge and understanding of your vocational/occupational area and/or subject

Professional Practice

– Apply assessment approaches in a fair way without prejudice or bias, and access and inclusion to assessment measures, while applying moral, ethical and legal considerations and requirements (e.g. equality and diversity, Safeguarding and Prevent requirements)

РEnsure assessment performance is valid and reliable, focused on the candidate’s capability against intended performance requirements, mitigating or controlling risk to assessments

– Openly collaborate and evaluate how your practice and that of others contributes to the overall quality of the assessment process to provide best practice

– Communicate effectively by adapting the language use for the audience to ensure clarity and understanding

Professional Conduct

– Be bound by an appropriate code of conduct related to assessment performance and behaviour

– Behave in a manner that upholds the integrity, validity and security of the assessment being implemented or administered

– Carry out and record any CPD necessary to maintain and enhance personal competence

Professional Leadership

Are you a Managing Practioner? These leadership standards apply to Managing Practioner Member Level only.

– Manage other people to ensure they are competent in assessment

– Support and feed back to assessors about their assessment performance in constructive, insightful and sensitive ways

– Monitor and scrutinise consistency and comparability of assessment decisions across an assessment team or organisation

– Bring about continuous improvement through quality management (quality control and assurance) processes to ensure the effectiveness of assessments


You can download the Professional Standards and other resources from the Info page

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