BCS End Point Assessor Training and Selection Course


Are you interested in working alongside BCS on digital apprenticeship standards?

The BCS Assessment and Selection Course is aimed at current practitioners within the sector who are looking to work alongside BCS to support new talent coming in to their sector.

BCS are an EPAO for digital apprenticeship standards and have developed this two-day event to provide an in-depth introduction into digital apprenticeships as the first stage of their assessor onboarding.

Over the two days, the course will cover everything you need to know about conducting end point assessments for digital apprenticeship standards, including:

  • BCS recruitment process
  • Standards
  • Assessment plans & occupational briefs
  • Summative portfolios
  • Interviews
  • Grading, and much more!

How to get involved

Delegates are invited to attend based on their evidence of professional and commercial competence usually provided through their CV. The requirements include having worked in the sector at the level of the standard or above for 3 years and agreeing to adhere to the standards upon successful completion and  acceptance.

The course has been running for 8 months and is the first of 3 stages to train and onboard assessors, whilst maintaining the high quality of assessment that BCS pride themselves on. It also means that the assessors are then approved to work with BCS as assessors.

For further information please contact BCS recruitment directly to get involved.