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Help your business stay ahead of the game by using our Membership filtering tools, our online Assessor marketplace and Jobs board, our accreditation services and advertise your CPD offerings and briefings. Corporate membership will help your company increase their standing in the market place, through having accredited registered practitioners and giving access to membership benefits, industry specific information and quality assessed CPD courses.

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We are aware that the majority of Training Providers and End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO) recognise there is a vast shortage of the availability of credible and skilled Assessors in the marketplace. The Assessors Guild will bring Licenced Training Providers, Employer Providers, EPAOs and Assessors together.

The Assessors Guild is the professional organisation that will help you as a corporate member, to increase your standing in the market place, by having accredited practitioners and giving you access to industry specific and quality assessed Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses.

We recognise that we all work in a disparate market place with a variety of news and policy updates in various different places. The Assessors Guild members will have exclusive access to our policy forum, industry news and events.

The Assessors Guild are here to serve the Assessors, the Training Providers and the End-Point Assessment Organisations of the United Kingdom, as we face the challenges in standards delivery and assessment.

Show your commitment to your Assessors by taking advantage of the discounted and exclusive membership process and accreditation of your trainers. These discounts are only available via corporate or accredited corporate membership.

The Head of The Assessors Guild and our industry recognised support team are here to meet your needs, so click below to email or call us on 0300 303 4444. We would be delighted to provide more information and meet with you to discuss your organisations individual needs.

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Membership Fee: £2500 p.a. + VAT